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Static Sealing Packings




ICP 907

Braided packing manufactured from acrylic fibre yarn added with special PTFE lubricant, silicone free.

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ICP 910

Braided packing manufactured from PTFE filaments added with PTFE dispersion.
100% GOREฎ Fiber

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ICP 914

Braided hybrid packing manufactured from combination of GFOฎ fiber yarn and “Twaron” aramid fiber yarn in the corner.

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ICP 924M

Braided hybrid packing manufactured from incorporated elastomer tube core, with a combination of ePTFE fiber yarn added with special lubricant based on graphite and GFOฎ fiber with encapsulated “Twaron” aramid fiber yarn.

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Braided packing manufactured from hollow-centred elastomer core, over-braided with propylene fibers and PTFE tape, braided with PTFE filaments. 

The successive PTFE coating provides gas and liquidดs moisture barrier. The hollow-centred elastomeric core, provides the packing elasticity and compressibility.

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