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Single cartriage seal



Economic Single Cartridge Seal. Extensively used in industries: alcohol, bio-diesel, corn processing. Conformed to DIN/ANSI standard and big bore sizes rotating equipments, such as water pumps, chemical pumps, vertical pumps, and large pumps. Also applicable in process: acidic, alkali and corrosive, rubber, and vacuum condition. Industries: oil-refi ning, chemical, pulp and paper, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, power plant,
steel plant, semiconductor, electronic, bioengineering, water purifi cation & waste treatment plant.



Heavy Duty Slurry Application Cartridge Seal. Designed for slurry, abrasive, and impure solid content duties. Conformed to DIN & ANSI, applicable to all rotary equipments with big bore dimensions. Extensively suitable by industries like: mining; oil-refi ning; pulp and paper; food and beverage, pharmaceutical,
power plant; steel plant; electronic, semiconductor, bioengineering, waste & water treatment plant.




Cartridge Seal with Constant Temperature Features. 
- Freezing condition application
- Constant temperature application
- Crystallizing process application




High Temperature / Dry Running Slurry Application. 
- Heavy Duty Process
- High Temperature Application with Cooling Accessory 
- May Operate as Dual Seal
- Dry Running Application




EZ 46™

Cost-effective Single Cartridge Seal
EZ-46™ makes your work easier!
- Process pumps and general rotating equipments. 
- Applied in handling high viscosity and crystallization tendency fluids. 
- Methanol and Ethanol processing, foodstuff , and various chemical processing pump. 
- Pulp and paper, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, power generation, and wastewater treatment. 



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