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Rubber Sheet

Rubber Sheets

CALVOSEALING offers a wide range of rubbers for use in general industry. We have 10 types of elastomers where each one offering its quality and guarantee a reliable and durable seal.

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Cork - Rubber Sheet


Cork based material mixed with synthetic NBR rubber.

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High Temperature Sheet

ICP 9900RR

ICP 9900RR is the brand-new gasket material with extremely high temperature stability. It is based on processed phlogopite mica and thus resists to continuous temperatures of up to 1000 บC (1832 บF).

Thanks to tanged metal insertion from stainless steel (AISI 316L/ 1.4404) the ICP 9900RR offers excellent handling and processing characteristics.

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Spiral Wound Gasket


Spiral wound gaskets consist of a V-shaped metal strip spirally wound in combination with a soft, filler material. The metal strip provides outstending resilience, while the flexible filler gurantees excellent sealing. 
Depending on the application the spiral wound gasket can be specified with outer and/or inner rings.

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Camprofile Gasket


Camprofile Gasket consist of a serrated metal core with a soft facing material. The metal core is a machined on each contact face with concentric serrations which provide high pressure areas, ensuring that the soft coating flows into any imperfections in the flange even at relatively low bolt loads. 
The result is a gasket which combines the benefits of soft cut materials with the advantages of seal integrity associated with metallic gaskets.

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Metal Jacketed Gaskets


Metal Jacketed gaskets consist of a metallic outer shell with either a metallic or non-metallic compressed fibre filler. The filler material gives the gasket resilience, while the metal jacket protects the filler and resists pressures, temperatures and corrosion.

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G-ST Gaskets


The flat steel-ring, corrosion protected by being vulcanized in, absorbs the required test pressure with ease. Irregularities and grooves, even slight misalignments are compensated.

As well, the gasket presents sensitivity to the minimal tightening during installation.

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Ring Type Joints


Ring Type Joints are metal ring to be used with elevated pressure and temperature applications. The sealing contact area results very reliability. Sealing gasket contact surface, as well as flange surface, have to be machined and finished.

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Flange Insulation Sets


Flange Insulation sets provide the most effective electrical insulation, actings as an non-conductive interface between two metallic elements. This eliminates corrosion caused by contact between metals and the induced current by the metallic components of the pipe.

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Flange Protective Covers

Funda Protectora para Bridas

Flange Protective Covers are ejections-proof products dedicated to protect people and environment against accidental leakages on flanges or on devices conveying aggressive products.

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